‚ÄčWarren Dugout Club

All proceeds from fundraising events are used to support the Warren Township High School Baseball program. This includes the cost of equipment, field maintenance, coaching clinics, Varsity team spring trip and other needs.

Varsity Spring Trip - Each year the Varsity travels to Marion Illinois to play a number of games at Rent One Park (minor league field) against teams from throughout Illinois. The Dugout Club provides funding for hotel, meals, and transportation for all players and coaches, as well as the field rental fees.

Casino Nights - Charitable organizations are allowed to hold four charitable games events each year. These events are held at various venues in the area and are run by an outside organization. The charity (Warren Dugout Club) provides volunteers to staff the "bank" for these events and in return receives a percentage of the profits from the event. Revenue from these events generally cover the cost of the Varsity spring trip.

Silent Auction - Each year the Dugout Club holds a Silent Auction (currently held at Jesse Oaks in Third Lake). Tickets are sold by the players and include admission to the event, a raffle ticket to win a TV or other prize, and food. there are numerous auction items ranging in size and value and have included vacation homes, sporting event tickets, golf outing, sports memorabilia, gift certificates, etc. 

Fence Signs - Starting in 2016, the Dugout Club is selling fence signs to be hung on the backstop behind home plate and facing out toward the street. These signs are advertisements for local businesses. The signs sell for $500 for one year up to $1,000 for five years.

Super Bowl and World Series Squares - Pool squares are sold and winnings are split between the Dugout Club and the winners (approximately 60/40). 

For additional information regarding any events, feel free to contact us at warrendugoutclub@gmail.com or attend our monthly meeting scheduled for 7:00 on the second Wednesday each month at the Almond campus.

Annual Events